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Why Go Agile & The ROI of Agile & Scrum with Fourth

Why Go Agile & The ROI of Agile & Scrum with Fourth

Date and time

To be confirmed


Level 1, 15 Bermondsey Square, London, SE1 3UN

Event Sponsor

Fourth are sponsoring Why Go Agile & The ROI of Agile & Scrum with Fourth

This is an interactive session, aimed at Agile professionals, with deep dives and lots of opinions – anyone working inside a prospective-Agile organisation, or on the Agile journey themselves, should benefit from this workshop.

Please note: Sadly, we've made the decision to postpone all Growable events as a response to COVID-19 (coronavirus). We will be announcing a new date and location for this workshop in the coming months; sign up below to receive updates directly.

Fourth are the largest supplier of end-to-end hospitality solutions in the world, providing a SaaS platform that enables companies to manage their workforce, inventory and payroll, all in one place. If you’ve eaten at Pizza Express, Wagamamas, Hawksmoor, Hilton Hotels, or countless other venues, then you’ve indirectly used their services.

That scale of market success comes with some big challenges. Their platform is relied upon by their customers for business-critical processes, so must always be available; it needs to talk and integrate seamlessly with countless third-party services; and it has to stay at the forefront of technology and innovation to keep up with a fast-moving industry. It’s no exaggeration to say that when Fourth releases a new feature, it can affect the way the industry operates as a whole.

As a result, we're lucky enough to have Frikkx (Interim Head of the Lean-Agile Centre of Practice and Improvement) and Steve (Release Train Engineer) from Fourth to lead the workshop. After an introduction into the topics for the evening, everyone will break out into smaller groups to discuss key points with Frikkx and Steve on-hand to help facilitate productive conversations that help everyone learn and take away useful insight for the evening.

We're hoping for a wide range of participants to give different perspectives to be discussed together to improve our shared understanding, which is one of the reasons we're keeping these sessions free. We hope to run similar workshops regularly so, whilst we'd love to see you on the night, if you're unable to make it please subscribe to receive a round up of the evening and notifications about future workshops.


It’s important that you register for the event, so we know who is attending for safety reasons. This is an inclusive event and you will be sent a copy of our code of conduct on registration; please take the time to read it and ensure you help create a positive, welcoming environment. Please be aware that we will be taking photographs at the event, filming the talks, and sharing these online.





Welcome Introduction

Brief intro to our sponsor and overview of any "house rules".


Introductory Talk from Frikkx & Steve

Frikkx and Steve will provide an introduction to the evening's topic and overview of the workshop's format.



Everyone will breakout into smaller groups to dive deeper into the evening's topic.


Wrap Up and Networking

Wrap up the evening and head to a nearby venue for more discussion and networking.

Meet the Speakers

Fridgeir Scopelitis Eyjolfsson (Frikkx)

Fridgeir Scopelitis Eyjolfsson (Frikkx)

Interim Head of the Lean-Agile Centre of Practice and Improvement for Fourth

Frikkx is an Agile consultant from Iceland who has been working in the IT industry for a long, long time. He is currently working as Head of the Lean-Agile Centre of Practice and Improvement for Fourth in London, rolling out SAFe. He has previously worked with companies across Europe as a SAFe/Agile Consultant and has a huge passion for delivering Agile processes at scale.

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Steve Lewins

Steve Lewins

Release Train Engineer for Fourth

Steve has over 15 years’ experience in the Agile space, having worked as an Agile Coach, Release Train Engineer, Senior Scrum Master, and Kaizen Master in his career. He is qualified and certified across SAFe, and recently assisted Fourth with their Agile transformation.

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Meet the Organisers

Luke Victor

Luke Victor

Account Manager

Working with everyone within the technology community, my role at Talent Point is the end-to-end care of applicants and clients alike, from employee engagement, branding, advising, and introducing. With three years across recruitment, the bulk of which spent in this fascinating market, I am always interested in finding out more about tech and the people behind it.

I've been working closely with Fourth to drive growth across their technology divisions whilst they undergo their transition to SAFe. Having seen Frikkx's impact within the Agile space first-hand, I'm looking forward to getting a clearer insight into the key challenges that he has faced

The Venue


To be confirmed once workshop has been rescheduled.


  • Fourth
  • Level 1
  • 15 Bermondsey Square
  • London
  • SE1 3UN