Why So Serverless?

Why So Serverless?

Date and time

Wednesday 12 February, 18:00


41, Chalton Street, London, NW1 1JD, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

Event Sponsor

Cazoo Ltd are sponsoring Why So Serverless?

Our first outing in 2020 will be hosted by Cazoo, with a focus on architecture in the serverless age! The first talk will revolve around creating a platform from scratch as an entirely serverless solution, and the second will discuss introducing serverless into existing architecture; we hope these contrasting views will help drive discussion.

Our first speaker is Bob Gregory, Chief Architect for Cazoo, who will be sharing his insight from their experience building a new ecommerce platform - in a matter of months - using AWS Lambda.

Cazoo are an exciting new start up that was founded by Alex Chesterman with the aim to transform the way that people buy used cars. In a sector rife for technical disruption, Cazoo hope to lead the way by offering a service that puts consumers’ needs at its heart.

They are at the beginning of their journey, with go live set for the end of 2019 when they plan to launch a nationwide marketing campaign so expect to see this name everywhere in 2020.

With a desire to do things right first time, they have prioritised the use of leading-edge technology and engineering standards. A staunch approach to classicist TDD, coupled with a serverless, event-driven architecture allows them to innovate and develop quickly, while maintaining a focus on quality.

We will be announcing the second speaker for this event soon! Please register to get updates straight to your inbox.


It’s important that you register for the event, so we know who is attending for safety reasons. This is an inclusive event and you will be sent a copy of our code of conduct on registration; please take the time to read it and ensure you help create a positive, welcoming environment. Please be aware that we will be taking photographs at the event, filming the talks, and sharing these online.





Welcome Introduction

Brief intro to our sponsor and overview of any "house rules".


Zero to Production in 90 Days with Serverless

Serverless promises faster development and lower friction, but does it stand up to the hype? Bob will discuss how Cazoo have built a new ecommerce platform - in a matter of months - using AWS Lambda.


Q&A Session

Time for the audience to ask any questions they have about Bob's talk.


Second Talk

Speaker to be confirmed.


Q&A Session

Time for the audience to ask any questions they have about the second talk.



Wrap up the evening and head to a nearby venue for more discussion and networking.

Meet the Speakers

Bob Gregory

Bob Gregory

Chief Architect

Bob has a decade of experience in building distributed systems and event driven architectures at Huddle,, and now Cazoo.

Link to Twitter account.LinkedIn profile

Meet the Organisers

Derek Millar

Derek Millar

Account Manager

After spending every day for 6+ years talking about technology, I finally caught the coding bug myself about six months ago. Since then I’ve thrown myself into the world of modern JavaScript and through a combination of online learning, workshops and meetups I feel like I’m finally getting somewhere.

I'm really looking forward to this exciting meet-up that's in partnership with Cazoo. We've been helping them build a great team over the past 6 months that has an amazing engineering culture. Many engineers that I’ve spoken to have shown an enthusiasm to work in a serverless environment so I'm keen to find out more about their implementation.

The Venue


We'll be in Cazoo's brand new office space which is situated 2 mins walk from Euston station.


  • Cazoo Ltd
  • 41
  • Chalton Street
  • London
  • NW1 1JD
  • Greater London
  • England
  • United Kingdom