Advanced TDD Outside-In with Cazoo

Advanced TDD Outside-In with Cazoo

Date and time

Wednesday 27 November, 18:30


15 Bermondsey Square, Bermondsey, London SE1 3UN

Event Sponsor

Cazoo Ltd are sponsoring Advanced TDD Outside-In with Cazoo

We're delighted to partner with Cazoo's engineering team to offer a free hands-on workshop for Software Engineers keen to develop their expertise with advanced Test Driven Development (TDD).

Cazoo are an exciting new start up that was founded by Alex Chesterman with the aim to transform the way that people buy used cars. In a sector rife for technical disruption, Cazoo hope to lead the way by offering a service that puts consumers’ needs at its heart.

With a desire to do things right first time, they have prioritised the use of leading-edge technology and engineering standards. A staunch approach to classicist TDD, coupled with a serverless, event-driven architecture allows them to innovate and develop quickly, while maintaining a focus on quality. To support this drive for quality, they have three coaches well respected by the community for several topics, including Agile technical practices to help nurture the right culture and skills within their engineering team

As a result, we're lucky enough to have Marco Consolaro and Alessandro Di Gioia - co-authors of 'Agile Technical Practices Distilled'- leading the workshop with support from senior engineers in the team at Cazoo. This will be a hands on workshop where Cazoo's team will guide participants on implementing and designing software from a business perspective with tests that won't get in the way. This technique includes elements of Outside-In Development, BDD, TDD and Domain Driven Design for expanding the functionality of the system incrementally and in harmony with the business.

The workshop is targeted at experienced engineers who are looking to further develop their knowledge around best practice approaches to engineering and quality. Normally, you'd have to pay to attend this workshop however Marco, Alessandro and Cazoo are keen to engage with and give back to the community so are offering their time for free.

This workshop is open to engineers from any background but we'll take care to pair attendee's based on language and existing skill set so they can get the most out of the session. With that in mind, we will send out a survey to everyone who wishes to attend to make sure we can match them up most effectively.

There are limited spaces on the night to ensure we can give each individual ample support from the team. Once you have requested a space, one of us will be in touch to follow up.

Please note, we plan to run these workshops regularly so if you're unable to secure a spot this time round we'll do our best to include you in a future session. Every attendee will need to bring a laptop with a development environment and test framework of their choice already installed.


It’s important that you register for the event, so we know who is attending for safety reasons. This is an inclusive event and you will be sent a copy of our code of conduct on registration; please take the time to read it and ensure you help create a positive, welcoming environment. Please be aware that we will be taking photographs at the event, filming the talks, and sharing these online.





Welcome Introduction


Start of the workshop

Meet the Speakers

Marco Consolaro

Marco Consolaro

Technical Coach @ Cazoo

Marco is Cazoo's Technical Coach. He's is a keen advocate for Test Driven Development, pair programming, Domain Driven Design and collaborative modelling. He is an international speaker and a published co-author of Agile Technical Practices Distilled

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Alessandro Di Gioia

Alessandro Di Gioia

Technical Coach and Software Engineer

Technical Coach & Software Engineer at M&G Investments, Alessandro has 18 years' of experience helping companies embrace Agile technical practices. He also co-authored Agile Technical Practices Distilled alongside Marco!

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Meet the Organisers

Derek Millar

Derek Millar

Account Manager

After spending every day for 6+ years talking about technology, I finally caught the coding bug myself about six months ago. Since then I’ve thrown myself into the world of modern JavaScript and through a combination of online learning, workshops and meetups I feel like I’m finally getting somewhere.

I'm really looking forward to this exciting meet-up that's in partnership with Cazoo. We've been helping them build a great team over the past 6 months that has an amazing engineering culture. Many engineers that I’ve spoken to have shown an enthusiasm to work in a serverless environment so I'm keen to find out more about their implementation.

Will Kempster

Will Kempster

Senior Account Manager

As one of the founding members of Growable, Will brings a wealth of experience both recruiting those in the front-end space as well as experimenting in it himself. A self-taught programmer, Will specialises in React and the JAMStack, meaning he was the obvious person to build out our website's back-end and JavaScript architecture.

The Venue


We're hosting the event at Growable HQ on behalf of Cazoo. Our office is less than ten minutes’ walk from London Bridge station, straight down Bermondsey Street, and can be accessed from both Tower Bridge Road and Bermondsey Square. The reception entrance can be found next to Sainsburys and a member of the Growable team will be waiting to buzz you in and take you up to the first floor.


  • Cazoo Ltd
  • 15 Bermondsey Square
  • Bermondsey
  • London SE1 3UN