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Will Kempster

Will Kempster

Account Manager

As one of the founding members of Growable, Will brings a wealth of experience both recruiting those in the front-end space as well as experimenting in it himself. A self-taught programmer, Will specialises in React and the JAMStack, meaning he was the obvious person to build out our website's back-end and JavaScript architecture.

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Murray Adcock

Murray Adcock

Content Manager

Having spent my teenage years building websites, I'd planned to get a Software Engineering degree and head into the wonderful world of tech. A few slightly unusual twists and turns later left me working as a plumber in New Zealand with a degree in Earth Sciences...

In spite of this unusual path (and partly fuelled by it) my interests in all things programming and tech never faded. Once back on British soil, I began returning to my front-end roots by diving head-first into all things a11y, ES6, serverless, JAMStack and beyond. I now work on the "front-front-end" (i.e. HTML/CSS) for Growable, alongside helping out with content management.

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Nur Caplin

Nur Caplin

Copywriter and Market Researcher

Words are my bread and butter, but tech has always been my passion. I joined Growable to get more hands-on with the London tech community, and it has been an amazing journey so far. As someone without a background in computer science but that wants to learn, I love attending meetups and events focusing on different tech and the way it’s shaping the world around us!

Peter Rowe

Peter Rowe

Account Director

I’ve always been interested in finding out how technology works, this curiosity has made my 12+ years in the recruitment industry much more bearable than it would have been otherwise. My passion lies in web technologies, predominately Open Source but I’m open minded and curious about everything else too.

I now work with customers to build effective and sustainable recruitment processes – which wouldn’t be possible without the knowledge I’ve picked up over the years from the people kind enough to share their expertise. I’m organising these events to try and give something back.

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